MOD-DEV-70 Board

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MOD-DEV-70 Board

Post by gbrettell »

Can you please post a mechanical drawing of the MOD-DEV-70 Board which could be used as a template for drilling (in order to mount the board on standoffs)? I was told you do not have one but I think it would be useful if you could make that drawing available.


Greg Brettell
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Re: MOD-DEV-70 Board

Post by gregben1 »

If someone at NetBurner was to send me RS-274X Gerber files of the MOD-DEV-70 board top soldermask and board outline layers
I could import into AutoCAD and then generate a dimensioned drawing in .pdf format. Even better would be to get the whole set of Gerbers.

Email is gregben yahoo com if you want to take me up on this.
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