Reference Designs?

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Reference Designs?

Post by SMcClure »

I have been tasked with building a carrier board for the SBL2e-200IR and want to put the magnetic and an alternate connector on our carrier board.

Are there any reference designs for what is needed on the carrier board to add external magnetics?

2nd Question: is there a mechanical design and schematic for the SBL2e-BOB-200?

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Re: Reference Designs?

Post by TomNB »

Hello Steve,

There is not a reference design for just an external Ethernet magnetics IC, but if you contact support or sales we can send you the specs for the magnetics we use inside the RJ-45 and you should be fine if you match that. They can also send you the schematic and layout file for the BOB board. Since the BOB board is for prototyping, and not a controlled production assembly, we do not have a released mechanical drawing, but the board is very simple, Each pin just brought out to a header, plus the Ethernet side. I think the sch and layout file should give you what you need, but they could also probably send you the design files if you wish. Just a note on carrier and prototype boards. Their purpose is to demonstrate the functionality of the production system on modules and production chips, and they change over time based on customer feedback and new features we need to demonstrate. We wouldn't want to provide a mechanical file and give the impression it could be used by a customer for production purposes. For examples, LEDs can come and go, mounting holes change, USB connectors can move. However, we are happy to provide the design files for any revision to customers who would like to build the carrier or prototype board themselves, which enables them to have version control over the design.
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