Missing Files in NANO24415 Example

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Missing Files in NANO24415 Example

Post by Lachlanp »

In the examples that come with Netburenr, there are only two examples for the Nano54415, one called MinimalAppp, and a second called EFFS-STD-HTTP. For this later example. if I import the fileSystem from the example into an empty project, I get 84 errors. The instructions at the top of main.cpp indicate that before the program can compile, I need to remove the compiler link to FatFile.a and add a compiler link to \lib\StdFFile.a. However, this last file does not exist. The only files in the \lib directory are DBdebugLibrary.a, DBNANO54415.a, DBNetBurner.a, debugLibrary.a, fatFilea, LFNFatFile.a, NANO54415.a, NetBurner.a, SFNFatFile.a.

If I do a file search in the Netburner master directory it does not find this file.

Can anyone let me know where this file could be found?

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Re: Missing Files in NANO24415 Example

Post by dciliske »

Can you please tell me what build number you have? You seem to be having a fair bit of trouble with files.

Actually, you probably want to create a support ticket with us so we can go through more in depth.
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Re: Missing Files in NANO24415 Example

Post by rnixon »

I would get the latest release. There are a lot more examples in mine, and some specific to the file system. The Stdffile.a is in my \nburn\lib directory.
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