predef.h in v2.9.6

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predef.h in v2.9.6

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I installed v2.9.6. I want to verify that file predef.h is the correct version of the file.
The first line of the file is /*NB_REVISION*/ instead of the normal /* Revision: 2.9.5 */

The section "#ifdef NB_SSL_SUPPORTED" has a lot more options than v2.9.5, and looks more like a version from v3.x.

And at the end of the file, the Library Versions macros have no numeric values assigned.

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#define NNDK_MAJOR
#define NNDK_MINOR
#define NNDK_PATCH
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Re: predef.h in v2.9.6

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Thanks for the note. Our installation process changed from 295 to 296, matching the same software we use in 3.x. It looks like the script that filled in this along with the copyright/revision tag on each source file did not make the transition. Since the release has already been out 2 weeks, I'm going to release 2.9.7 with a fix for this. 297 will not have any other source changes.
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