TLS or SSL level used with 2.9.5

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TLS or SSL level used with 2.9.5

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I'm using the MOD5541X to connect securely to a server using SSL_connect with Netburner 2.9.5.

The parameters used to work with the old server, but the provider has moved it over to Kubernetes and the connection fails now:

int fds = SSL_connect(ipadd, 0, NV_Settings.nAPIDestPort, TICKS_PER_SECOND * 120,NULL);

if (fds <= 0)
switch (fds)
iprintf(" SSL_ERROR_FAILED_NEGOTIATION \r\n"); //-256

I keep getting -256 as the return value.

The new server has TLSv1.2 and v1.3 enabled, but I can't find in the Netburner documentation what level is possible using 2.9.5 ?
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Re: TLS or SSL level used with 2.9.5

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The default for 2.9.5 is TLS 1.2. The error message you indicate is negotiation failed, so it must be for some other reason. A wireshark trace might help. It might be a good idea to work directly with our SSL/TLS engineers with a support ticket.
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