MOD-5270 Refer Code Base ?

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MOD-5270 Refer Code Base ?

Post by chenshengyang »

Dear All,

Would you please tell me how to get s \NetBurner\Projects this kind Code Bases ?

I am rellay enter then website : ... downloads/

But I really can not find the refer codes.

Please someone can help me, Sincerely

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Re: MOD-5270 Refer Code Base ?

Post by wbradley »

You probably want to work with NNDK / NBEclipse 3.x instead of 2.x
Start with that the quick start and 3.x documentation here:
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Re: MOD-5270 Refer Code Base ?

Post by TomNB »


Minor correction. The MOD5270 is not supported in the 3.x tools. Use 2.9.5 instead. We will also be releasing a 2.9.6 by the end of the year.

I am not clear on the path \NetBurner\Projects, or "refer". Can you please clarify? If you mean examples, they will be in the \nburn\examples folder of your tools installation. What version of the 2.x tools are you currently using?

If you want to download the latest NNDK tools, 2.9.5 in your case, you will need an active support account. If you no not, and want a copy of an older tool set, please contact If you can provide the key code and/or proof of purchase for an older tool version, we will make it available to you at no charge. It would also help to have any previous support registration email. Do not post that here, email directly.
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