mod5270 throughput

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mod5270 throughput

Post by gregben1 »

I'm interested in seeing some benchmarks that show how fast
the mod5270 is at receiving byte data from a 100mbps connection
and writing it to an 8 bit port. I understand the fast-buffers option
will help increase throughput and I'd like to see how TCP compares
to UDP.
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Re: mod5270 throughput

Post by lgitlitz »

There is currently a benchmark in the files section of the NetBurner Yahoo group. This benchmark does a few different tests but the ones you would be interested in are the UDP and TCP tests. Both of these tests are transmit tests but you can modify this to be receive tests. You will also have to add your external 8-bit port code to this benchmark. The UDP part of this test will calculate the total throughput witch includes all the headers and framing data, where the TCP test only counts actual data throughput. You might want to modify the UDP calculation to only include data also so you can get a better comparison of what to expect in your actual application. The TCP part of this test uses a small PC application with source code located here: "...\Nburn\examples\TCP\TcpSpeedTest\pc"

This benchmark should be used with NNDK 2.2rc2 since it takes advantage of the newer SRAM features. Fast buffers has changed in this build and there is no need to enable it like the older builds.
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