Microchip launched atomic clock (CSAC), which can provide a larger operating temperature range

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Microchip launched atomic clock (CSAC), which can provide a larger operating temperature range

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The SA65 chip-level atomic clock for military and industrial systems has the characteristics of ultra-high precision and low power consumption.

Advanced military platforms, subsea survey systems, and remote sensing applications all require precise timing to ensure the successful completion of missions. Even when the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) time signal is unavailable, the chip-level atomic clock (CSAC) can ensure stable and accurate timekeeping. To help meet the needs of industrial and military system developers, Microchip Technology Inc. today announced the launch of a new SA65 chip-level atomic clock that can provide accurate timekeeping accuracy and stability in extreme environments.

Microchip’s SA65 chip-level atomic clock is an embedded timing solution with better environmental adaptability. Compared with the previous SA.45s chip-level atomic clock, it has stronger performance, for example, it can operate in a larger temperature range. The frequency stability is doubled, and the warm-up is faster at low temperatures. The operating temperature range of SA65 is -40 to 80 degrees Celsius, and the storage temperature range is -55 to 105 degrees Celsius. At -40 degrees Celsius, the warm-up time is 2 minutes, which is 33% faster than SA.45s.

The performance improvement of the SA65 chip-level atomic clock will benefit developers engaged in highly portable military application solutions. Such solutions include positioning and navigation that require precise frequency generation from a small size, light weight and low power consumption (SWaP) atomic clock. And timing support system (A-PNT) and command, control, communication, computer, network, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance system (C5ISR). Fast warm-up to frequency after cold start, temperature stability in a wide working range, and frequency accuracy and stability that can extend the running time in the case of GNSS rejection, help to ensure successful completion in conflict environments Task.

The SA65 chip-level atomic clock is the world's lowest-power commercial atomic clock. It provides accurate timing for portable and battery-powered applications that need to continuously run and maintain timing in an environment that does not support GNSS. Because SA65 is compatible with SA.45s in shape, assembly and function, this feature reduces the risk of system developers and the cost of redesign, while improving performance and environmental tolerance.

As a global leader in the development and manufacturing of timing and synchronization solutions, Microchip has so far provided more than 275,000 rubidium atomic clocks, 138,000 chip-scale atomic clocks, 12,500 cesium atomic clocks and 200 active hydrogen masers to global customers. .
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