Embedded Multimedia Card

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Embedded Multimedia Card

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Hello everybody,
I am working on my MODM7AE70 and I need to store information in a SD card, I have seen in the NB examples how to do it, but now I would like to know if someone has used eMMC (Embedded Multimedia Card) to store information, since having a removable SD card on my hardware it is not convenient. If someone has done it or has an idea, could you help me?

What type of memory would you recommend?
Could I use the same steps as the NB example for an SD/MMC?
What are the steps I must follow to use it?

I appreciate any help provided.

Kind Regards
Fredy gutierrez
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Re: Embedded Multimedia Card

Post by pbreed »

embedded mmc should be wired up and have exactly the same pins and pin definitions as an SD card.
So just follow the SD card hookup guide.
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