Wizard options can brick the netburner?

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Wizard options can brick the netburner?

Post by jpelletier »

The project wizard proposes the application content at 1 point:
-Standard initialization
-Web server
-Stack overflow checking
-Enable WiFi
-Custom discovery server

I'm a newbie and I don't know what are these items and if I need them, why etc. Can missing a crucial option brick the module?
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Re: Wizard options can brick the netburner?

Post by TomNB »

You do need standard initialization to do updates, but the rest are optional. Most applications only use the first two: standard init and web server.
Also, if for some reason you do write an app that continuously crashes, there are multiple ways to recover, from aborting the boot from the serial port on uart0/USB, to using the jumper recovery procedure. https://www.netburner.com/NBDocs/Develo ... overy.html

The wizard is great, but also remember to read the nbeclipse section on importing examples. We have a ton of examples that may be close to what you are looking for (\nburn\examples). Examples are also listed in the docs.
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