Strange problem with MOD5282 and browsers

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Strange problem with MOD5282 and browsers

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I've run across a problem accessing our MOD5282s webserver to change control coefficients in flash with the latest web browsers.

The new PC I'm using to access the MOD5282s are running Win7Pro Embedded and have IE11 and Chrome preloaded. I can open HTML pages on the MOD5282s, but when I attempt to update coefficients and save them to flash, the changes do not "take" and the previous values reappear. (oh... this same thing happens with Chrome too.)

I also have an older version of the same PC running Windows Embedded Standard (embedded version of XP) with IE8 preloaded. It makes changes and saves those changes to flash just fine.

I have to think it's a security setting in IE11 that needs tweeked, bit so far I've not found it.

Any suggestions?
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