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PINK generate url '<IP address>/control?cmd=Servo,1,0,90' ?

Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:50 am
by uxhamby
I need to build an appliance that can, in response to a local button press, issue browser url command strings in the format

http://<IP address>/control?cmd=Servo,<Svo#>,<IOpin>,<angle>

. . . .(or equivalent IE: curl) where the intent is to set the angular position of a remote servo handled by another device elsewhere on the network.

A BS2 stamp is at hand and available to handle the button press.

A PINK unit, from several years ago, is at hand and available to handle the network interface.

The one question I don't see an answer to is whether the PINK unit is capable of generating the strings formatted as needed.

Thoughts or advice?


Brian H.