PINK and Win7

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PINK and Win7

Post by xanatos » Sat Mar 19, 2011 1:04 pm

From other forum posts I am thinking that I need new firmware to get the PINK SB70 modules to work with Win7. Is this correct?

Currently, when I attempt to run Netburner IP Setup V2.0 with the PINK Server Module, it does not see the module. From what I've read it *sounds* (if I am interpreting what I am reading correctly) like the new PINKs try to communicate using an address of which Win7 doesn't like. I've tried other settings on the Win7 machine as well - manually setting IP addresses (no DHCP), different cables (crossover AND regular...)

How do I go about updating the firmware on the PINK modules I have (I have 5 that I had ordered through Parallax). Secondary question: Are these modules available through Netburner here in a Windows 7 ready configuration? Assuming that the earlier versions are not easily upgradable...???

Thanks very much for any assistance.

Dave Xanatos

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Re: PINK and Win7

Post by nbPink » Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:18 am

The PINK units are upgradable through the network interface, and you are correct about the windows 7 issue - windows 7 rejects an ip address of

You can get the latest PINK firmware from the update page:

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