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I am using the MODM7AE70 with connected MOD-DEV-70CR device. I am looking at the example CAN program. It led me to the documentation for the MCAN module (I can't post the URL here, apparently)

According to the datasheet of the device it support CAN-FD:
"Two master Controller Area Networks (MCAN) with Flexible Data Rate (CAN-FD)
with SRAM-based mailboxes, time- and event-triggered transmission."

However, reviewing to software above I do not see support for CAN-FD.
For instance, I am expecting to see two different bandwidth rates. One for arbitration and one for data.
I am expecting to see CAN-FD specific options with regards to the Framing of the data packets, such as BitRate Switching.

Implementing the provided example code did work - but not for CAN-FD. Just for classic CAN messaging.

Is there software support for CAN-FD somewhere?
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Our CAN library does not support CAN-FD. However, the processor is certainly capable.
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