Failed to load the JNI

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Failed to load the JNI

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I had this same problem last year, and it has surfaced again. I have both v3.3.8 and v2.9.5 installed. Until today I have been able to switch between the two versions by renaming the root directories of c:\nburn to the version I want to use.
The fix before was to edit the system path to put "c:\Program File (x86)\Eclipse Adoptium\jdk-8.0.322.6-hotspot\bin" before the path to the 64-bit version of the JVM.dll. And that may be the solution again, because I see that the paths have been swapped, putting the "(x86) version after the 64-bit version. Our IT department must have done something to my PC while I was out on vacation.
I can't edit the system path right now because IT apparently removed my permission, so I have notified them of the issue. So while I'm waiting, I checked the path to the 32-bit version JVM ("c:\Program File (x86)\Eclipse Adoptium\jdk-8.0.322.6-hotspot\bin) and there is no JVM.dll file in that path. But there is a JVM file in "c:\Program File (x86)\Eclipse Adoptium\jdk-8.0.322.6-hotspot\jre\bin\server". Is the current path incorrect?
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Re: Failed to load the JNI

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Since 3.3.7, NBEclipse now includes it's own JRE, embedded within it's installation directory. For the 3.X tools, you don't need to modify any java system environment settings. For 2.X, it still needs a JRE 11 32-bit on the system path.
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