Multiple Interfaces

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Multiple Interfaces

Post by rlupish » Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:51 am

A few questions on setting up multiple interfaces on the MOD54417 Ethernet ports:
When I do the ShowNetworkInterfaces( ) on my current system, I get 4 interfaces showing up (as documented on page 121 of the NNDKProgMan document, Multiple Network Interfaces). Interfaces 1 and 2 show up with the statically assigned IP addresses (via IPSetup); Interfaces 3 and 4 show up with AutoIP addresses - we are NOT currently using either of these second two interfaces.

Can I assign STATIC IP addresses to these additional interfaces?
IF I only need the total of 4 interfaces, do I need to use the MultiHome capability (AddInterface() would not seem to be necessary if I don't need more than 4)?


- Ron -

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