ExtractPostData in Rel21_rc4a

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Brian Click
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ExtractPostData in Rel21_rc4a

Post by Brian Click » Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:05 am

Heads up - when using image buttons in HTML (a button with type="submit" and img tag both enclosed within a table data tag) the ExtractPostData function fails to find the POSTed string.

V 2.0 and previous worked just fine...

A cursory glance at the NB source code shows there were some changes made, and reverting to the v2.0 release httpinternals.cpp corrects the situation. At least for me.

This change was NOT, AFAIK, mentioned in the release notes for 2.1 and took me some frantic time to debug - now that I'm done pulling my hair out, I just thought I'd share 8-)

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