Directory structure of tools, libraries and source

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Directory structure of tools, libraries and source

Post by roland.ames » Sun Jun 22, 2008 11:27 pm

I have a question about how i can organise the tools, libraires, and source files for multiple netburner projects.

My ideal solution would be to have a single directory (with subdirectories) that contained everything needed to completely rebuild the project. This directory would then be able to be saved onto a server, copied to any machine (without having to install the tools), and allow the project to be rebuilt on that machine identically to the original.

The current directory structure as installed, has certain limitations. If I have multiple projects that use different configurations of the system libraries, I would need to rebuild the system files whenever I swap betwen projects, it would be better if the 'project' contained the system source & libraries as configured for that project.

I am not sure exactly which tools are used/required to build the project, as I am not familliar with cygwin or mingw it is difficult to work out exactly what is being done by the IDE.

I have been developing projects using the Eclipse IDE (I am currently using NNDK ver 2.0 but am preparing to upgrade to 2.2), but my ideal arrangement is to use command line tools, so that I can do a makefile update and a build from batch files.

There is also the issue of absolute directories, ideallyt i would want all paths to be relative to allow ease of moving the project to other machines/directories.

If anyone has any experience that may help I would appreciate it.

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