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New NBEclipse release

Post by Forrest » Thu Sep 04, 2008 3:11 pm


In the imminent NBeclipse 2.3 rc1 release, NBEclipse has has a major overhaul. A short preview of new features:
- Upgraded to Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede Release (from 3.2)
- NBEclipse can now be run as an independent plugin to a standard Eclipse install
- Auto-created run/debug configurations (One-Click Build and Load)
- Platform Properties file format supported for quick addition of custom platforms
- GNU Code formatter now included (Right-Click->Source->Format)
- Can now directly connect to debug session without updating new code
- IP/Platform information stored
- Rebuild System files revamped and sped up

Many people have asked about 3rd party plugin support for NBEclipse. With this release, you can install our NBEclipse plugin to a standard Eclipse release. This means any plugin that supports Eclispe 3.4 will function with the NBEclipse plugin.

I am hoping to get this beta out for public testing within a week.
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