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Post by pracine » Thu Sep 02, 2021 7:58 am

It is my first time working with something like the SBL2e family.
I have been reading documentation on it for the last 2 hours and now I am overwhelmed...
There is too much information for a beginner like me.
So I hope, more advanced people will be able to help me.

I want to add Ethernet capability to my product.
I have a 8-bit MCU with 1 UART, 1 SPI and 1 I2C to communicate.

I want the users of my product to be able to enter an IP address in any browser and see what is going on inside the product.
To see a chart of the last reading for instance or enter basic parameters.
I would like also to manage the Modbus TCP/IP protocol over the SBL2e.

A workmate of mine has some experiences with the SBL2E-100IR module.
But he is using it with the Virtual COM-Port, so he is using the Ethernet only to send/receive his serial data... he is not doing things like HTTP or Modbus (the TCP/IP version of the Modbus, he could do Modbus RTU if he wants of course).
So I am not sure if the SBL2e family can fulfill my needs... My reading make me think that is possible... but can use the SBL2E-100IR module or I have to go with the SBL2ECHIP-236IR...

In summary :
  • The module will have to listen on port 80 for web connections.
  • The module will have to store the web pages.
  • My MCU will send/receive data from/to those pages.
  • If the module receive a connection from port 502 (Modbus) it can send the packet directly to the MCU.
  • I would prefer to use I2C or SPI to communicate with the module because I would like to keep the UART to have a RS-485 for the user (Modbus RTU).
So does the SBL2e is the right family for me?
If yes can I use the SBL2E-100IR module?
If no, do you know which product can be the best fit for my needs?

Thank you very much for your time.

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